RD-BIOTECH completes its biomanufacturing offer with a new production unit for DNA plasmids, raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry (GMP grade - Good Manufacturing Practices)

Winner of the France Relance 2021 prize

RD-Biotech saw the project to build its “GMP plasmids” production unit selected by the French government.

Press release

Grand opening June 19th 2023! This bioproduction unit complements our current capacities for the production of plasmid DNA, R&D grade and High-Quality grade, and allows us to meet the growing demands of the market for new cell and gene therapies requiring plasmid DNA as biological starting material:

  • Gene therapy – Therapeutic viruses: applications in oncology, hereditary diseases, …
  • Gene therapy – CAR T Cells: applications in oncology, leukaemia
  • Therapeutic mRNAs: applications in oncology, autoimmune diseases, vaccines including covid-19 vaccines

Currently, RD-Biotech offers 3 levels of expertise:

Molecular biology

Molecular biology: design and construction of plasmids

Production of plasmids, R&D grade

Production of plasmids, “High Quality” grade

And now a 4th level of expertise

Production of plasmids, "GMP" grade (BPF)

Opening of this new unit in the TEMIS Santé technology park, Besançon (France):

  • More than 1,200 square meters of GMP Grade laboratories
  • Several independent production suites

Coming soon, our GMP grade DNA plasmid production unit providing support for our customers from the R&D phases to the commercial phases of advanced therapy drug production.

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