RD-BIOTECH completes its biomanufacturing offer with a new production unit for DNA plasmids, raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry (GMP grade – Good Manufacturing Practices).
With this new service offering, RD-Biotech is now able to provide a comprehensive service, from plasmid engineering to production, tailored to the quality standards required for its clients’ applications.

A fully integrated solution

Customize and produce your plasmid with RD-Biotech, a full integrated expertise and a scalable production process from discovery to commercial phases.

Why choose RD-Biotech?

One stop shop partner for your discovery & manufacturing needs

Over 20 years of experience in molecular biology & biomanufacturing

Complete offer from early discovery (pDNA cloning) to commercial manufacturing (GMP grade)

Three quality grades to meet each phase of your development

Scalable process of pDNA production from several mg up to 20 g

Cost effective & adaptable process to meet your requirements

pDNA as starting material: Gene therapy, mRNA vaccine, DNA based therapy, Viral vectors, Cell therapy, CAR-T cells,…

GMP Plasmid manufacturing service

Full single use upstream & downstream process

Digitalized workflow

Digital Batch Records

QA release

Scalable process

Linearization service available for mRNA applications

Plasmid manufacturing process

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Choose the RD-Biotech quality in GMP-grade plasmid DNA production:To support our customers from R&D phases to commercial production stages of starting materials for cell & gene therapies

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Winner of the France Relance 2021 prize

RD-Biotech saw the project to build its “GMP plasmids” production unit selected by the French government.

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