RD-Biotech will be present at the 10th edition of the AIS Antibody Industrial Symposium organized by Mabdesign, in Montpellier, France, on June 28 and 29, 2022.

RD-Biotech will be pleased to meet you on its booth n°12, in order to discuss about our biomanufacturing services for pDNA, antibodies and recombinant proteins and to present our R&D, High Quality grade services as well as our new cGMP grade unit for plasmid production unit!
We look forward to seeing you: AIS 2022
See you soon!

RD-Biotech, Recombinant protein expression!

Secure your batches and reduce your costs with RD-Biotech : custom service for development and expression of recombinant proteins.
Discover our service of recombinant proteins

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RD-BIOTECH, your DNA raw material supplier!

Plasmid DNA biomanufacturing service, R&D grade, High Quality grade (GMP like) and soon a cGMP grade unit!

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Soon a new cGMP grade plasmid DNA biomanufacturing unit at RD-Biotech!

RD-BIOTECH will complete its biomanufacturing offer with a new plasmid DNA production unit, raw materials for innovative therapies (RNA vaccines, therapeutic mRNA, CAR-T cells, viral vectors, etc.)
These new cGMP-grade plasmid DNA biomanufacturing facilities will complement our current R&D-grade and “GMP-like” (High Quality Grade) pDNA bioproduction capabilities.

See you soon for a new episode! Follow with us the progress of the construction site