Range of ELISA kits and ready-to-use products developed by RD-Biotech for your immunoassays: ELISA, Western Blotting …

FastELISA range

Specially designed for the assay of immunoglobulins, the FastELISA kits developed by RD-Biotech are essential tools in the context of monitoring antibody production thanks to a simple and rapid optimized procedure, with results in just 30 minutes.

The advantages of FastELISA

  • Results in just 30 minutes
  • 1 single incubation step
  • Ready-to-use solutions and plates
  • Colored pipetting tracking (patent)
  • 8-well breakable strips
  • Wide detection range (4 to 2000 ng / ml depending on the kit)

Applications of FastELISA kits

  • Monitoring of monoclonal antibody production
  • Determination of monoclonal antibodies in culture supernatants or ascites liquids
  • Screening of therapeutic antibodies
  • Selection of clones that produce better CHO, HEK cells, etc.
  • Validation of vectors for transfection
  • Control of contaminants (bovine Ig, protein A, etc.)
  • Isotyping of Ig mouse
  • Pharmacokinetics: in vivo dosage of humanized antibodies


  • Culture supernatant
  • Ascites fluid
  • Serum
  • Other matrix
  • ELISA kits for mouse Ig isotyping
  • ELISA kits for mouse IgG quantification
  • ELISA kits for human IgG quantification
  • ELISA kits for rat IgG quantification

The range has been completed with kits for the detection of contaminants:

  • ELISA kits for bovine IgG quantification
  • ELISA kits for protein A detection

The Fc fragment assay kit aims to simplify the control steps during the recombinant antibody expression process, with detection of the recombinant protein of interest in 30 minutes

  • ELISA kits for Fc fusion assay

Other products are in development: find out more.

Coated plates

Custom 96-well plate coating service:

1. Stability study (by series of 10 to 200 microplates)

2. Saturation and stabilization processes optimized by RD-Biotech

3. Raw materials supplied by the customer

4. RD-Biotech reagents: stabilization solution and substrate

5. Ready-to-use mono-reagent TMB for ELISA

6. Packaging according to customer specifications

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Anti-HCP polyclonal serums

Recombinant protein bioproduction processes use different host cells (bacteria, mammalian cells CHO, HEK, etc.), these systems allow the production of the targeted proteins but there is a certain level of contaminants from the expression system at the end of the process .
These contaminants, called Host Cell Proteins (HCP), are protein residues, which can alter the purity and quality of the targeted recombinant proteins.
RD-Biotech has developed antibodies for the detection of HCPs by ELISA or Western Blotting.
Range of polyclonal rabbit sera against HCP proteins (Host Cell proteins):

  • Anti-CHO HCP: Rabbit polyclonal serum against HCPs from CHO cell expression system
  • Anti-ecoli HCP: Rabbit polyclonal serum against HCPs derived from bacterial cell expression system (BL21 strain)
  • Anti-HEK HCP: Rabbit polyclonal serum directed against HCPs from HEK 293 cell expression system
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Ready-to-use reagents

Dedicated reagents for ELISA and Western Blotting applications

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Other services

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