RD-Biotech offers a complete range of custom services on its cell culture platform.

By contacting RD-Biotech you will:

  • save time while devoting yourself to your major axes of high added value research,
  • benefit from our scientific and technical expertise in cell engineering and cell culture.

Why choose RD-BIOTECH?

  • Do you want to obtain a sufficient cell pool to carry out your analyses or for the expression of your recombinant proteins?
  • Do you want to obtain a few mg of recombinant antibodies by transient transfection?
  • Do you want to develop a stable cell line?
  • Do you want a cell bank?

Eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells, adherent or suspended cells, primary cells, blood cells?

RD-Biotech can meet your demands:

  • An expertise of more than 30 years in cell culture
  • Perfect mastery of cell engineering processes for many cell types
  • An analytical platform for the screening, characterization and controls of your cells
  • The supply of a personalized service adapted to your needs
  • A quality service, at very attractive costs and very short deadlines

Culture systems optimized for the amplification of many cell types:

  • Adherent mammalian cells or cells in suspension
  • CHO, HEK293, HeLa, Cos, Caco-2, cell line supplied by the customer,…
  • Prokaryotic cells

Units dedicated to the production of eukaryotic cells (dedicated laboratories, clean rooms and controlled atmosphere, etc.)

Production capacities allowing to supply pilot batches and also large-scale production batches (bulk):

  • Supply from a few millilitres up to several hundred litres of supernatant per batch
  • Supply from a few million to several billion cells per batch

Supply of cells in the format suitable for the targeted applications:

  • Cryovials
  • Culture plates (96 wells, 24 wells, 12 wells, 6 wells,….)
  • Culture boxes of different volumes, bottles….
  • Other custom packaging

At the end of the project, RD-Biotech provides express transport adapted to the cell model and packaging, the cells are accompanied by the production report and the quality controls carried out:

  • Mycoplasma control
  • Cell viability test
  • Stability control
  • Sterility control
  • Quantification of molecules
  • Other controls on request


Supernatant production

This service includes the amplification of the cells and the supply of the culture supernatant: supply from a few millilitres up to several hundred litres of supernatant per batch.

Production of cell pellets

This service includes the amplification of cells and the supply of cell pellets: supply from a few million to several billion cells per batch.

Cell banks

This service includes the constitution of cell banks: working banks and master banks, and can include the secure storage of these in liquid nitrogen in a controlled area.

  • Reception of cells and mycoplasma control
  • Cell amplification
  • Packaging in 1 ml ampoules (1 to 5 million cells / ampoules)
  • Quality controls after thawing

Ready-to-use cells

This service includes the amplification and supply of ready-to-use cells, according to customer specifications.

Some examples:

  • These cells are cultivated on a particular medium requiring perfect mastery of the amplification and culture monitoring processes.
  • These cells are supplied in 96-well plates on specific supports, for pharmacological applications.

(from peripheral blood, cord blood, etc.)

  • Preparation of cells from blood samples: PBMC (Peripheral blood mononuclear cells), Monocytes, Lymphocytes, CMBM (Cord blood mononuclear cells)…
  • Cell sorting and preparation of specific cells (CD4 +, CD34 +…)
  • Packaging in tubes, flasks, etc.

(skin cells, adipocytes, preadipocytes, keratinocytes, etc.)

  • Adaptation of culture conditions while respecting the number of passages specific to each cell type.
  • Culture monitoring and supply of cells in the desired format.

Custom services

Development of cell lines

RD-Biotech offers a personalized service for the development of a cell line adapted to your specifications and your applications: expression of recombinant proteins or monoclonal antibodies, functional analysis of genes, drug screening, etc.

  • If necessary, feasibility study to determine the best expression system and to define the optimal conditions for your application
  • Adaptation according to the complexity of the project: Example, co-expression of different units…
  • Optimization and control of the vector or vectors: Possibility of carrying out vector construction for the project

Discover molecular biology

  • Choice of parental cell line: CHO cells, HEK293, your own line…
  • Mode of transfection: lipofection, electroporation, etc.
  • Screening platform: ELISA, Western Blotting, FACS, Octet, PCR / RT-PCR…
  • Royalty-free lineage

Custom development service of stable pools or stable cell linesFind out more

Stages of cell line development:

Note: the vector can also be provided by customer

  • Synthesis of the nucleotide sequence of interest (if necessary)
  • Subcloning in the expression vector optimized for the cellular system
  • Single-strand sequencing control
  • Amplification and quality controls

  • CHO, HEK293 cell lines… or cell lines supplied by the customer.
  • Production of the cell pool necessary for transfection, culture in the medium adapted to the cell model

  • Transfection of host cells with the expression vector
  • Expression test for the protein of interest (FACS, PCR, …)

  • Transfection of cells and stable insertion of the gene for the protein of interest
  • Selection (choice of the selection agent)
  • Generation and characterization of several stable pools: ELISA, Western blotting, Flow cytometry, PCR / RT-PCR…
  • Selection of the best candidates: best producer, target expression, etc.
  • Amplification of candidates

RD-Biotech can provide stable pools after controls (homogeneity test, stability study, etc.) and constitution of cell banks, MCB (10 ampoules of 2 million cells per pool)

If the customer wishes a stable cell line, RD-Biotech will continue the development process

  • Isolation and selection of the best clone (s): isolation of clones by limiting dilution, screening by ELISA, Western Blot, flow cytometry, FACS, Byte, PCR, etc.
  • Isolation and expansion of the selected clone (s)
  • Characterization of the best clone (s): evaluation of productivity, western blotting test, stability test, etc.
  • Supply of a stable cell line: Constitution of an MCB master cell bank (10 ampoules of 2 million cells per clone)
  • Providing of a full report

Steps and deadlines

Transient transfection platform

The transient transfection platform makes it possible to produce from a few micrograms to several hundred milligrams of recombinant antibodies or recombinant proteins in about fifteen days.

Discover recombinant antibodiesDiscover recombinant proteins

Other services

Our sales team as well as our scientific and technical experts are at your disposal to offer you the service adapted to your request!

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