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RD-BIOTECH is a French biotechnology company that offers tailor-made services in Molecular BiologyImmunology and Cellular Engineering, as part of Research and Development, pre-clinical or clinical studies. Since its creation in 2002, RD-Biotech has provided its technical skills and scientific know-how for a personalized, responsive and quality service and in complete confidentiality.

We meet the expectations of our customers with high-level technical solutions, while optimizing budgets.

The expertise of our multidisciplinary team as well as the quality of our services make RD-BIOTECH one of the privileged partners of large national and international groups, who have trusted us and continue to trust us.

Different technological platforms

Our technological platforms, our capacities and our expertise allow us to meet your needs to support you in your research, preclinical and clinical projects.

  • Monoclonal antibodies, recombinant antibodies (chimeric, humanized, bispecific, ScFv, Fab, VHH…), recombinant proteins, DNA, plasmids, RNA, cells,…
  • R&D grade, “endofree” or High Quality Grades (GMP “like”)
  • NEW, a GMP grade plasmid production unit to complete the pDNA biomanufacturing offer
  • Production, purification and quality controls
  • Supply of pilot batches and large-scale production, up to several grams
  • Personalized support and a team of experts at your service
  • Bibliographic studies, in silico studies, optimization and design of vectors, analysis of protein structure and relevant systems of expression…
  • Development and optimization of your therapeutic candidates, your new molecules or your analytical methods.
  • In vivo generation of monoclonal antibodies
  • Sequencing of monoclonal antibodies and development of recombinant antibodies
  • Vector cloning and optimization platform
  • Cell lines development by stable transfection

A set of skills in immunology and molecular biology: ELISA, Western-Blotting, Octet Technology, Flow cytometry, qPCR, RT-PCR, In vitro transcription, Bioassays, etc :

  • Characterization and validation of antibodies
  • Validation of cell lines
  • Quality controls: purity, specificity, …
  • Development of methods or carrying out your analyses in series

Range of ready-to-use products dedicated to your immunoassays:

  • FastELISA kits: innovative assay developed from the RD-Biotech’s expertise, for the quantification and isotyping of immunoglobulins, and for the detection of contaminants (e.g.Protein A, Bovine Ig, Fc fragments)
  • Range of anti-rabies monoclonal antibodies: Detection antibody (Clone D1.25) and capture antibody (clone 1112.1) for the detection by ELISA of the G glycoprotein of the rabies virus

Development of new products: contact us

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Personnels RD-Biotech qualifiés : niveau ingénieur ou technicien.

Our main sectors of activity

Pharmaceuticals & Therapeutics

In vitro diagnostic


Animal health


Food industry

Public research

The Laboratories

+ 3 000 m²

RD-Biotech is at your disposal to meet your needs and optimize your research.

With a very wide technological versatility and a complete technical platform, with more than 1,500 m2 of independent laboratories meeting the most stringent standards, RD-BIOTECH is able to intervene during the different stages of your research projects.

Independent and dedicated laboratories, for each laboratory activity.

In April 2021, RD-Biotech integrated its new laboratories located in the Temis Santé technological park in Besançon (France).
This new site includes the technical platforms for molecular biology, immunology, cell culture and antibody engineering, as well as biomanufacturing rooms dedicated to the production of R&D quality batches but also batches in GMP like / High Quality grade.

RD-Biotech has also laboratories in Saint Genis Laval (69 – France) dedicated to the analysis, expression and purification of recombinant proteins.

In 2023, opening of a new GMP-grade pDNA biomanufacturing facility in Besançon to meet the growing needs for DNA, an essential raw material for cell and gene therapies.

The team

A team of experienced researchers :

Philippe Dulieu, PhD: CEO

Jean-Luc Schlick, PhD: GMP pDNA biomanufacturing unit director

Jean-François Musard, PhD: Infrastructure, purchase and CSR manager

Céline Donze: Quality and CSR manager

Sylvie Mercier, PhD: Marketing – Communication Manager

Maxime Lestra, MSc : Sales

And a team of engineers and expert technicians, motivated and at your service!

“We have the ambition to become a partner of choice in the realization of your projects by saving you time and allowing you to reduce your operating costs”

Philippe Dulieu, president, RD-BIOTECH

Our engagements

To optimize your R&D, preclinical & clinical activities

Our commitments:

  • Increase your R&D capacities
  • Facilitate your research activities within our laboratories
  • Save you time and reduce your deadlines
  • Whilst optimizing your operational costs

To do this, we offer:

  • A quality service, Made in France, in accordance with your quality assurance program
  • Tailor-made solutions adapted to your specifications
  • Responsiveness and flexibility in carrying out research contracts
  • Easy and direct contact throughout your project
  • Rigour, reliability and monitoring of results
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • We assure you ownership of the results and of the molecules developed
  • In a commitment to consider the social, environmental, and ethical challenges associated with its activities, RD-Biotech is launching a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.
  • Research Tax Credit Approval
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certification

mAbexperts group

RD-Biotech is part of mAbexperts (Biotech Investissement holding): A group of companies expert in antibody engineering and Biotechnology:

discover the group

In September 2018: Entry of Biotech Investissement in the capital of QVQ Holding, a company based in Utrecht (Netherlands).

QVQ holding, founded in 2010, has internationally recognized expertise in phage display development of antibody fragments (VHH) derived from llama antibodies.

VHHs have unique physicochemical properties due to their small size and high stability, making them very valuable tools in various applications, especially in vivo imaging. QVQ offers its expertise for the development of VHH on a contract basis. In addition to the services, QVQ offers a range of exclusive and high quality VHH, specific to biomarkers linked to oncology, aging or even infectious diseases.

By joining the Biotech Investissement group, QVQ consolidates an already well-established expertise in the fields of antibody engineering, by adding VHH and phage display expertise. Thanks to this set of know-how, we are convinced that we can provide you with the best strategy in your antibody development projects.

2019: Entry into the capital of SMALTIS SAS, a company based in Besançon (France).

Founded in 2014, SMALTIS has solid expertise in Microbiology and unique experience in Bacterial Genetics.

By joining the mAbexperts group, SMALTIS consolidates an already well-established expertise in the fields of BIOPRODUCTION and related quality controls, by adding Microbiological and Bacterial Genetic Engineering expertise.

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