RD-Biotech offers a complete range of custom services on its bio-analysis platformBy contacting RD-Biotech you will:

  • Save time while devoting yourself to your major axes of high added value research
  • Benefit from our scientific and technical expertise in immunology, molecular biology and cell culture

Why choose RD-BIOTECH ?

  • Do you want to develop an immunoassay?
  • Do you wish to perform routine analyses on a large number of samples according to a validated procedure (ELISA, PCR, etc.)?
  • Do you want to validate your cell line by genotyping?
  • Do you want to characterize your antibody?
  • Do you want to control your biologicals (antibodies, recombinant proteins, plasmids, cell line, etc.)?

RD-Biotech can respond to your requests:

  • Over 30 years of expertise in cell culture, immunology and molecular biology
  • Perfect mastery of ELISA immunoassay development processes (direct, indirect, sandwich, competition)
  • A wide choice of quality controls in connection with its bio-production platforms (R&D and GMP like grades / “High Quality” grade)
  • The providing of a personalized service adapted to your needs
  • A quality service, at very attractive costs and very short deadlines
  • You have ownership of all results and methods developed for you.

Contract services

Development and validation of immunoassays

RD-Biotech has extensive expertise in immunoassay and ELISA, allowing it to develop and manufacture your immunoassays according to your specifications, or even optimize an existing procedure.

Your project manager is in direct contact with you throughout the project, to keep you informed of the results of each step through meetings and interim reports.

We offer flexible and responsive operation, based on Go / No Go, each step being considered independent:

  • Bibliographic studies
  • Taking into account of known results, raw and biological materials available or to be developed
  • Choice of test type: direct ELISA, indirect ELISA, sandwich ELISA, competition ELISA

(Antibodies, antigens, nucleotide sequences, etc.)

Choice of biologics

Biologics development program: RD-Biotech can develop, produce, couple and control all unavailable biologics:

  • Preparation of biologics
  • Coating plates
  • Incubation, washing, revelation conditions…
  • Specificity
  • Sensitivity
  • Detection limit
  • Reproducibility
  • Stability
  • Technology transfer
  • Production / supply of reagents and coated plates
  • Production / supply of the ready-to-use kit
  • Performing analyses at RD-Biotech

Analytical platform

RD-Biotech offers analytical services: Performing routine analyses according to a method validated in your laboratories, according to a marketed procedure or even according to a procedure developed by RD-Biotech:

  • Receipt of samples (biopsies, cells, DNA, sera, other bodily fluids)
  • Preparation of samples (if necessary)
  • Realization and analysis of data
  • Providing of a full report

Preparation of biological samples

RD-Biotech can prepare your biologics from samples provided by you: biopsies, cells, DNA, serums, other body fluids, …

  • Preparation of biological material: some examples
    • RNA or DNA extraction and purification
    • Preparation of PBMC, CBMC, selection of sub-populations by sorting (CD4 + for example)
    • Amplification of cells by cell culture and collection of supernatants or cell pellets:
  • Quality controls

Molecular biology analyses


A whole set of bio-analyses on our Molecular Biology platform, routine tests or tests developed for you, according to your specifications:

  • Quality control of plasmid DNAs: produced on our bioproduction platform
  • Genotyping and validation of cell lines: expression of transgenes by PCR, RT-PCR or Real-Time PCR (qPCR) methods, from RNA, DNA, from cells, biopsies, blood,…
  • In vitro transcription: preparation of standard RNAs, polyadenylated RNAs, capped RNAs.
  • Mutagenesis: site-directed mutagenesis and modification of your vectors to allow studies of DNA-protein interactions, structure / function of proteins, new proteins, etc.
  • Monoclonal antibody sequencing: sequencing of heavy and light variable chains in order to secure your clone or to develop a recombinant antibody.
  • Northern-Blotting
  • Southern-Blotting
  • Other methods

Immunology analyses

A complete set of bio-analyses on our immunology platform, routine tests or tests developed for you, according to your specifications:

  • Quality controls of your monoclonal or recombinant antibodies, produced on our bioproduction platforms
  • Characterization of your antibodies (specificity, affinity…): ELISA, Western Blotting, Flow cytometry, Octet,…
  • Monitoring of production by immunoglobulins quantification using FastELISA technology
  • Evaluation of immune responses by ELISA: Determination of markers in blood, in serum, in plasma, in culture supernatant….
  • Titration by ELISA
  • Detection of intracellular proteins by flow cytometry
  • Analysis of sub-populations by flow cytometry
  • Analysis of proteins by Western blotting
  • Others

LUMINEX platform


Since the signing of a partnership with LUMINEX, RD-Biotech offers the assay of biomarkers using Luminex® technology.

The immunoassays based on Luminex xMAP® technology (multi-analyte profiling) allow the simultaneous detection and quantification of several secreted proteins (cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, etc.) using the Luminex 200 reader.

This high throughput technology provides results comparable to ELISA but with greater efficiency, speed and dynamic range. In addition, multiplexing is less expensive per target result.

In vitro tests and bioassays

  • Preparation and development of in vitro tests:
    • Study of reporter gene expression
    • Study of cell proliferation in response to growth factors, cytokines or mitogens,
    • Immunology tests (ELISA, ELISpot), …
  • Preparation and development of bioassays to study the biological activity of your biologicals (antibodies, cytokines, active ingredients, etc.): MAT, proliferation, apoptosis, phagocytosis, cell death, dosage of different interleukins, ADCC, CDC …

Quality controls

Wide choice of tests based on our expertise in immunology and molecular biology:

Search for contaminants and microbiological tests:

  • Detection of mycoplasmas by PCR (from cell pellets or culture supernatants)
  • Detection of bacterial endotoxins (Limulus Amebocyte Lysate test)
  • Detection of residual HCPs (Host Cell Proteins)
  • Determination of residual DNA
  • Bacterial and fungal contamination test
  • Bioburden

Biological activity:

  • Cell bases assays
  • Immuno-test
  • Enzymatic activity
  • Binding test
  • Flow cytometry
  • Western blot

Identity tests:

  • SEC-HPLC, analytical SEC
  • SDS-PAGE (reduced and non-reduced conditions)
  • Western blot


  • Spectrophotometry
  • Determination of total proteins

RD-Biotech also offers a set of tests for batch control of plasmids or antibodies produced at High Quality (GMP like) grade: contact us.

Other services

Our sales team as well as our scientific and technical experts are at your disposal to offer you the service adapted to your request!