RD-Biotech, supplier of murine monoclonal antibodies D1-25 and 1112-1, for the quantification of rabies virus glycoprotein Gby ELISA

Signature of license agreements with Institut Pasteur (France) and with Winstar Institute (USA): RD-Biotech is now the supplier of the clones D1-25 and 1112-1, the pair of antibodies for ELISA detection of rabies virus glycoprotein G: monoclonal antibody 1112-1 (capture antibody), monoclonal antibody D1-25 (detection antibody, biotinylated).

Monoclonal antibodies are produced, purified, coupled and controlled by RD-Biotech, on the antibody bioproduction platform.

RD-Biotech is able to supply the antibodies in standard formats (100 µg and 500 µg) and in bulk formats on request.

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