DNA plasmid production, High Quality Grade (“GMP like”)

RD-Biotech is now a major player in the DNA plasmid production, High Quality Grade (“GMP like”) providing raw material for therapeutic purposes and an essential tool for mRNA vaccine development!

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PACKAGE OFFER, from vector design to the production of your recombinant antibodies or proteins!

- Design, optimization, vector cloning
- Choice between different systems of expression: E. coli, CHO cells, HEK cells, cell free system (in vitro)
- Expression and purification, quality controls

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Our sister company, Diaclone, is now part of the Medix Biochemica group

Biotech Investissement (www.mabexperts.com) separates from its subsidiary Diaclone by selling it to Medix Biochemica.
The arrival of Diaclone in the Medix group will allow it to access new international markets, and therefore to continue its growth in the In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) market.
Our group will now focus on the development of biomanufacturing services for plasmid DNAs, antibodies and recombinant proteins with in particular the upcoming construction of a new DNA production unit, GMP grade (BPF) at RD-BIOTECH.

Link to the press release: Biotech Investissement communication
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