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Biotech Investissement

RD-BIOTECH is now a sister company of DIACLONE and SYNABS, for a better synergy in the field of monoclonal antibodies!

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News from RD-Biotech

NEW! RD-Biotech supplier of murine monoclonal antibodies D1-25 and 1112-1,
for the quantification of rabies virus by ELISA.

Signature of license agreements with Institut Pasteur – France and with Winstar Institute- USA: RD-Biotech becomes the supplier of the clones D1-25 and 1112-1 and now offers the antibody pair for ELISA detection of rabies virus glycoprotein G:

  • Monoclonal antibody 1112-1: Capture antibody
  • Monoclonal antibody D1-25: Detection antibody, biotinylated
  • Isotype: mouse IgG1
  • Target species: Human
  • Specificity: Glycoprotein G of rabies virus
  • Application: ELISA and other (contact us)
  • Format: Biotinylated (Code RDB-D1.25b) or Purified (Code RDB-D1.25p)
  • Quantity: 100 μg and 500 μg. Bulk format available.
  • Form: Freeze-dried
  • Isotype: mouse IgG1
  • Target species: Human
  • Specificity: Glycoprotein G of rabies virus
  • Application: ELISA and other (contact us)
  • Format: Purified (Code RDB-1112-1)
  • Quantity: 100 μg and 500 μg. Bulk format available.
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RD-Biotech: Here to help you in your Covid-19 related research projects!

Development / Production of monoclonal or recombinant antibodies - Vector cloning - Antigen expression - Plasmid production….

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RD-BIOTECH is proud to produce the monoclonal antibodies used in the
IVD RAPID TEST COVID-19 Ag Respi-Strip developed by CorisBioConcept!

RD-BIOTECH, a major French actor in the production of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins, is proud to be a qualified Partner of the Belgian company Coris BioConcept regarding the development of the new IVD rapid test COVID-19 Ag Respi-Strip now manufactured by Coris BioConcept.

This test detects the SARS-CoV-2 within 15 minutes from nasal secretion, capture and detection monoclonal antibodies being produced by RD-Biotech. (

Discover the 1st edition of Immunowatch by Mabdesign,

RD-BIOTECH is proud to be present on this publication, see page 18 on

PACKAGE OFFER, from vector design to the production of your recombinant antibodies or proteins!

  • • Design, optimization, vector cloning
  • • Design, optimization, vector cloning: E.coli, cellules CHO, CHO cells, HEK cells, cell free system
  • • CHO cells, HEK cells, cell free system

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RD-Biotech and the mAbexperts team: A group based on complementary expertise in Immunology and molecular biology - From DNA to recombinant antibodies!

Plasmid DNA for research, preclinical and clinical applications scaled to fit projects of any size

RD-Biotech has been perfecting plasmid DNA production for more than 17 years for a wide range of research, preclinical, clinical and diagnostic applications.
Our goal is to provide you with the most affordable, high-quality plasmid DNA manufacturing services that meet your requirements.
You need 1mg of DNA for a research study or 500 mg for a clinical trial?

The One Stop Shop solution:

  • Genetic engineering
  • DNA production & purification
  • Cell banking
  • QC testing


  • Gene and Cell Therapy
  • Viral vectors/li>
  • mRNA
  • in vivo experiments (injection into animals)
  • Transfection of mammalian cells
  • Toxicology Studies

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Business continuity - Covid-19

In view of current circumstances and in compliance with the health measures implemented by the government to limit the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, RD-BIOTECH's activity is maintained but with a temporary slowdown in certain activities of the laboratory, with the exception of work related to COVID-19 research and the production of cells for virology diagnostics.

We will come back to you regularly concerning the evolution of this situation in order to bring you a maximum of information.

Our thoughts are with all those affected, and we hope that you and your loved ones will be spared.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via our email address or by contacting your sales representative directly.

SMALTIS joins the Biotech Investissement Group!

We are pleased to announce the entry of Biotech Investissement into the capital of SMALTIS SAS, a company based in Besançon (France), which joins RD-Biotech SAS, Diaclone SAS, SynAbs SA and QVQ Holding within the group (

Created in 2014, SMALTIS ( has a solid expertise in Microbiology and an innovative experience in Bacterial Genetics. Thanks to its know-how, SMALTIS designs tailor-made methods and delivers mutant bacteria with high added value for the development, manufacturing and quality control stages of health products. The company is now specialized in three major activities related to public health challenges: Antibiotic resistance and infection control, exploration of Microbiota and engineering Bacterial Mutants.

By joining the Biotech Investissement group, SMALTIS is consolidating already well-established expertise in the fields of Bioproduction and related quality controls, by adding Microbiological and Bacterial Genetic Engineering expertise.


Discover and test our fastELISA Kits: The quickest ELISA Kits on the market!

Easy one-step process – Results in less than 30 minutes – Coloured pipetting tracking – Ready-to-use reagents

  • Immunoglobulin quantification (Screening of therapeutic antibodies, Production monitoring, Selection of ‘good producer’ clones, Pharmacokinetics, Validation of vectors, ...)
  • Immunoglobulin isotyping
  • Cell contaminant detection
  • And new kits coming soon!

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New: Recombinant antibody platform! A expert team at your service for a complete service!

From the generation of hybridomas, to the production and purification of monoclonal antibodies from a few mg to several grams.
Sequencing of your monoclonal antibodies, chimerization, humanization and production.
Phage display technology.
Characterization and validation of specificity: affinity, bioactivity ... (ELISA, Octet, Cytometry, bioassays...)
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QVQ joins the Biotech Investissement Group

We are pleased to announce that QVQ, a company based in Utrecht (The Netherlands), is now a sister company of RD-Biotech SAS, Diaclone SAS and SynAbs SA (Biotech Investissement Group –

QVQ has strong expertise in the development and production of single domain antibodies derived from llamas, which are referred to as VHHs. VHHs have unique biochemical properties due to their small size and high stability which make them very useful for tumor targeting particularly in imaging technologies and companion diagnostics. QVQ offers multiple services related to development, reformatting and optimization of VHHs with respect to stability, production levels and humanization. Besides contract research and services, QVQ has developed a growing portfolio of proprietary detection/imaging VHHs directed against targets in disease related with oncology, age disease and infectious diseases.
By joining the Biotech Investissement group, QVQ will complement the high level of expertise already present within the group, to develop and market new high-quality diagnostic assays and imaging products.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require information about the QVQ products and services.

PSL Alliance

RD-Biotech is a core member of the PSL Alliance, a network of biotech companies gathered by UK-based company Pivotal Scientific Limited.